The latest toolkits to help develop your capabilities and be consistent with sector approaches.

19 January 2017 XLSX (288kB) HQN complaints toolkit

HQN complaints toolkit

We all want to deliver excellent customer service, but often we miss the opportunity to make use of a valuable source of…

12 May 2016 DOC (529kB) Pre-tenancy self assessment 2016

Pre-tenancy self assessment 2016

We are pleased to introduce a new resource exclusively for RIEN members. Our new pre tenancy self-assessment is…

17 September 2015 PDF (686kB) Income management toolkit

Income management toolkit

We are pleased to present the updated RIEN income management toolkit. It is designed to help RIEN members to plan and…

10 July 2015 XLS (136kB) Rent Loss Model 2015

Rent Loss Model 2015

This Rent Loss model has been designed by GatleyConsult Ltd + HQN Ltd to be used as a tool in order to identify the impact of…

13 November 2014 PDF (591kB) Financial inclusion toolkit

Financial inclusion toolkit

Following on from the recent research into financial inclusion by RIEN the Financial Inclusion Toolkit has now been…